Norfolk is a far cry from how it looked in the age of glam rock and flares.

Here are some of the things you were able to do in the county in the 1970s that you can't do anymore.

1. Compete in a holiday camp beauty contest in Great Yarmouth

Now consigned to the dustbin of history in the 1970s holiday camps across the county ran beauty contests.

Examples included the Miss British Isles contest which took place at the open air Marina in Great Yarmouth.

2. Visit Aqua Park

This water park at the Norwich Sport Village was renowned for its big slides and more sedate side pools - drawing visitors from across the county.

The venue closed in the early-2000s and became a hotel and ice rink.

3. Enjoy Wellington Pier Gardens' roller rink

Before it burned down thousands flocked to Wellington Pier's outdoor roller rink to take part in and spectate on skaters.

4. Watch some of cricket's biggest stars in Lakenham

Before its closure in 2000 this cricket ground hosted a number of first-class cricket matches, including games between international teams from England and Australia.

The pitch was graced by cricket legends such as Allan Donald and Garry Sobers.

5. Have dinner at the first Captain America's

One of the city's most popular restaurants during the decade, Captain America's, in Exchange Street, was owned and run by Mike Howell before he died in a car crash in 1975.

The essence of the original restaurant is now reflected in the hugely popular Captain America's Hamburger Heaven in the same location.

6. Visit one of the county's Wimpy restaurants

In the 1970s, Wimpy had restaurants located across the county from Norwich to Dereham, but now just one remains in King's Lynn.

The restaurants offered the distinctive Brown Derby, a donut with a scoop of ice cream in the middle, and the Bender in a Bun sausage burger.

7. Shop at Woolworths

It used to be a high street giant in Norfolk, with one at the centre of most of the county's towns and multiple locations in Norwich.

But now Norfolk's Woolworths are supermarkets, discount stores and clothes shops.