A Norfolk man has amassed millions of views on social media for his relatable videos with his thoughts of the day.

Rossi Woods, 38, moved from Essex to Shipdham, near Dereham, 12 years ago with his mum and worked in her hair salon Tiger Browns before getting a cabin crew job with an airline.

When lockdown struck he was stuck indoors and started making TikTok videos about the gripes of everyday life, signing off with his, now famous, catchphrase "there I've said it".

Fast forward two years and he has more than 900,000 followers on TikTok and audio from his videos has been used by celebrities including Selena Gomez and Eva Longoria.

He now works for his dad's Essex-based fashion business and records a video while sat in his car each day before he sets off from Norfolk.

Mr Woods said: "I decided to do TikTok as I was always the class clown and like making people laugh - my first one was about doctor's surgery receptionists and it went crazy.

"I didn't do one for a while and everyone kept asking where I was so then I started doing them every day about relatable stuff.

"I was watching Netflix when one of my followers tagged me in Eva Longoria's video and it was crazy - I got loads of American followers."

Asked where he gets ideas from, he added: "I get good material at family barbecues."

His newfound fame has led to him being frequently recognised, which has ranged from Dereham Tesco to a train in Italy.

He has just signed with an agent and fans are calling for him to bring out merchandise.

With his TikTok following nearly at one million, he has revealed his celebration plans, which will be "probably one party popper and then I'll go 'there I've said it'."

With his videos often about the annoyances of life, there are some things that get him riled up in Norfolk.

Mr Woods added: "Being in traffic in a single lane behind a tractor and not being able to get Uber Eats in Shipdham - though I do love living in the countryside."