With its sandy beaches, flourishing wildlife and charming independent shops, it's not difficult to see why Norfolk is a fantastic place to visit and live in.

So we decided to ask our readers to finish the sentence - "You're not really from Norfolk if you haven't..."

Here's seven of the best suggestions.

1. Mispronounce the English language

"Ar yer orrite bor?"

If you didn't grow up in Norfolk, it is safe to say you'd have been left scratching your head more than once.

While "ay yer orrite bor?" can be understood by listening carefully, you'd be forgiven for not knowing what a mardle was (p.s it means gossip).

2. Had a ride on the snails

Ah, the famous snails. To some, it's crown jewel of Great Yarmouth and a symbol of childhood.

Having first opened at Joyland in 1949, the snails have stood the test of time and have been adored by families for generations.

Every summer, tourists and locals alike and revisit the snails with their children and grandchildren.

3. Driven 'two hours' to get anywhere

Although no one should ever have reason to want to leave the county, sometimes situation dictates you have to.

Let's be honest, getting anywhere else in the country from Norfolk is a pain - with or without roadworks.

4. Eaten crabs in Cromer

Eating crabs in Cromer when in north Norfolk is almost a requirement.

Known for their sweet, delicate flavour, it's difficult to beat the Cromer crab and it has become one of Norfolk's most famous exports.

Crabs can be used in lots of different recipes and are at their best when freshly dressed with lemon juice and some black pepper.

5. Called a ladybird a bishy barnabee

Agreed. If you're not from Norfolk, it does sound like gibberish.

But its origin are quite interesting.

Norfolk dialect expert and Fond founder Keith Skipper said that the term bishy barnabee is thought to have been named after Bishop Bonner, a 16th century rector of East Dereham.

He said: "An old schoolyard rhyme goes: 'Bishy-bishy-barney-bee, tell me when my wedding be, if it be tomorrow day, take your wings and fly away. Fly to east and fly to west, but fly to him (her) that I love best'."

6. Know about the singing postman

Allan Smethurst, better known as The Singing Postman, remains something of a local legend.

Smethurst, who was raised in Sheringham from the age of 11, hummed tunes on his daily post round for 12 years, writing and singing songs in his native Norfolk language.

He is best known for his self-written novelty song "Hev Yew Gotta Loight, Boy?" which awarded him an Ivor Novello Award in 1966.

Smethurst left the music industry in 1970 and died in Grimsby in 2000 but still remains synonymous with Norfolk today.

7. Had chips on Great Yarmouth market

Great Yarmouth has always been known for its market chips. Why else would the seagulls never leave?

From Dearnos to Carr's, the town's visitors aren't short of options and it remains a popular attraction and tradition for many.