A date has been fixed for an exciting celebration which is set to showcase all that is great about Dereham.

The very first 'Dereham Day' is set to take place later this year on Saturday, May 14, promising a programme packed full of activities and entertainment.

A similar event, called Dereham Fringe Festival, took place back in September 2017 and was subsequently hailed as a huge success.

Just as it did four years ago, Dereham Memorial Hall is set to play a central role in the festivities, hosting stalls, workshops and live performances.

Tim Cara, chairman of the Friends of Dereham Memorial Hall (FODMH), said the event would hopefully give the town something to look forward to.

"Dereham has a strong community, but it is still a little bit hidden under the surface," he added.

"This event is all about re-engaging after lockdown and the hard times we've been through. Hopefully Dereham Day can achieve that and there is no reason why it should not.

"We saw the (now-cancelled) carnival was very effective in its time. This is not a replacement for that, but it is a way of getting people to connect with each other."

Dereham Day is expected to offer a similar experience to the fringe festival, with community groups offering taster sessions and demonstrations at the memorial hall.

Crowds will be treated to live music and dance in the main auditorium, while street performers will be on hand to entice people to the Norwich Street venue.

Much of the planning for the new extravaganza will be overseen by aboutDereham, a group dedicating to promoting the market town.

Its chairman, Mike Webb, said: "The fringe festival was planned to show off what Dereham had to offer and promote the idea that our organisations needed to work together.

"We are really pleased, after the difficulties of the last few years, that Dereham Day will take place in 2022 as the town’s contribution to Norfolk Day."

Dereham mayor Stuart Green added: "It sounds like this is going to be a great opportunity for the town and a chance for different groups to showcase what they have to offer.

"Hopefully this summer, including Dereham Day, is one for us to look forward to."