A popular Norfolk museum and farm will gain two new foals over the coming weeks.

Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, a museum of rural life near Dereham, is already home to several Suffolk Punch horses which work the farm by ploughing, sowing and harvesting.

A report published ahead of a Monday meeting of the Breckland area museums committee reads: “The Gressenhall farm manager has agreed the purchase of two young Suffolk Punch horses.

“These two new horses are being purchased with funds provided by the Friends of Gressenhall.

“The first horse Jack is 15 months old and will arrive on site by December while the other young foal Frank, who is nine months old, will arrive once he has been weaned.

“These young horses are an investment for the future as it will be some time before they will be working on the farm but during the initial period they will be getting used to being around visitors on site.

“The older Suffolk Punch horses are all keeping well and have been able to carry out tasks on the farm over the last year both for visitors and schools’ groups.”