A woman who suffered a bad fall in Dereham has thanked the kind people who came to her aid.

Gillian Bartram, 72, who lives near Hethersett, was walking through Dereham Market Place on Thursday, August 5 when she tripped after misjudging the pavement height while wheeling her shopping trolley.

“I landed flat on my face,” Ms Bartram said. She broke the orbital bone below her eye.

“I felt myself hit the pavement, and the next thing I knew there were people around me and I heard somebody ringing for an ambulance.

“A chap - he told me his name was Tony - was kneeling or laying on the floor at the side of me, chatting to me and telling me to lay still.”

She was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment and has since returned home.

Ms Bartram said she wanted to thank the paramedics and everyone else who helped her.

She said: “I don't know who most of you are but I heard you and it was good to know you were there. I'm getting on well although at the moment badly bruised and swollen.”