They are hypoallergenic, good-natured and 'hilarious', and now a Dereham woman wants to give them the recognition they deserve.

They are 'super schnoodles' - a cross-breed between poodles and schnauzers - which Pammie Richardson hopes to gain breed recognition for with the UK Kennel Club.

Ms Richardson is so enamored with the breed she has even started writing a series of children’s picture books about them, the first of which, The Silly Super Schnoodles trip to the SeaShore, has just been published.

“The breeding programme has extremely high standards and all puppies must be screened for an exact set of DNA health tests and have clear, annual British Veterinary Association (BVA) Eye Certificates,” she said.

Dereham Times: Pammie Richardson's Super Schnoodles, pictured alongside her book.Pammie Richardson's Super Schnoodles, pictured alongside her book. (Image: Pammie Richardson)

“I believe in the breed so much and they make ideal family pets for the following reasons: they are hypoallergenic - both parent breeds are non-shedding which is unique to this poodle crossbreed.

“They are a very manageable size, extremely good natured and trainable and overall exceptionally healthy’.

“The Super Schnoodles are all great characters, have their own personalities and are hilarious in one way or another."

Ms Richardson grew up around animals and has a British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor's Certificate (BHSII). She studied at the University of East Anglia as a mature student and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in cell and molecular biology.

Dereham Times: Pammie Richardson and her Super SchnoodlesPammie Richardson and her Super Schnoodles (Image: Pammie Richardson)

She has worked in the pharmaceutical sales industry for the last 20 years and was made redundant just prior to Covid in early 2020.

She said: “I’ve always thought about writing a book and my Schnoodles are such clowns and so full of fun, it seemed to be too good an opportunity to miss.

“I found my brilliant illustrator, Joshua Morgan, through an online site and he is able to transfer the images in my head onto paper – a very rare and special trait.

“I am hoping to increase the awareness and popularity of the breed but ultimately, it’s a great fun way for children to learn to read and enhance their key-stages skills.”