Five years ago, a mother-of-two from mid-Norfolk received the shocking news she had stage four breast cancer.

Now, following surgery and grueling treatment, Niki Clarke will be taking to the stage as part of the annual Keeping Abreast ‘More Than Just Fashion’ Shows.

She will be joining 22 other models, all of whom have been through breast reconstruction following a breast cancer diagnosis or the discovery of a hereditary gene.

The 51-year-old of Scarning, near Dereham, said that while the journey had been rough she felt incredibly lucky to be alive.

“My mum overcame breast cancer, and a number of my female cousins have either had breast cancer or removal, so I decided to ask my doctor for an early mammogram when I was 47.

“Following the screening, I was called back and told there was ductal carcinoma in situ – known as DCIS – found in my right breast and because there was so much of it, it was decided to remove the breast.”

Subsequently, a biopsy was performed after her surgery in November 2017 and the results showed the potential for cancer to develop. She was then told she had a stage four tumour that had not shown up on previous scans.

Ms Clarke, a customer services assistant, began chemotherapy in March 2018 and also had some of her lymph nodes removed. She has now been given the all-clear and has yearly check-ups.

She said: “I do think how lucky I am. If I had waited until I was 50 for my routine check-up then it may have been a very different story.”

All women registered with a GP will be invited for NHS breast screening every three years between the ages of 50 and 71 via a posted letter. They will automatically get an invite between the ages of 50 and 53 and then every three years.

  • The Keeping Abreast ‘More Than Just Fashion’ Shows will take place at the Norfolk Showground on October 25 and 26 and will be compared by ITV Anglia’s Chris Page and Sascha Williams. Tickets from £23.50 and can be purchased via