The only eclipse visible in the UK for the next three years is taking place today.

Here's everything you need to know about the partial solar eclipse.

What is a partial eclipse?

An eclipse is when the moon comes between the earth and sun, blocking out sunlight and casting a shadow over the earth.

This will be a partial eclipse so the moon will only partially cover the sun.

Up to 23pc of the sun will be covered.

When is the partial eclipse?

It is taking place on Tuesday, October 25.

Lasting from 9am to 1pm, the moment of the greatest eclipse will be at about 11am.

The next partial solar eclipse will be in 2025.

How can I watch the eclipse?

The Royal Observatory has recommended those who wish to view the eclipse get in touch with their local astronomical society - they may be hosting an event with appropriate instruments for viewing safely.

You can also purchase solar eclipse viewing glasses. These must be genuine, not 3D glasses or similar as looking directly at the sun will damage your eyes.

Alternatively, you can make a safe, cheap and convenient pinhole projector which can be shared by multiple people.