Those celebrating Halloween this year have been urged not to dump their used pumpkins in the woods.

The Woodland Trust has issued a warning about leaving pumpkins in the woods.

Though well-meaning, leaving them for wildlife can actually cause more harm than good.

“A myth seems to have built up that leaving pumpkins in woods helps wildlife," said Paul Bunton, engagement and communication officer at Woodland Trust.

"People think they’re doing a good thing by not putting them in landfill and instead leaving them for nature.

“But pumpkin flesh can be dangerous for hedgehogs, attracts colonies of rats and also has a really detrimental effect on woodland soils, plants and fungi."

Like lots of other wildlife, hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters ahead of hibernation.

They will gorge themselves on available food like dumped pumpkins which can cause diarrhoea and lead them to be dangerously dehydrated which can be fatal.

The Woodland Trust advises instead making the leftovers into a birdfeeder to be kept high off the ground or use them in a soup.