A husband has paid tribute to his beloved wife who was "friendly with anyone". 

Janet James, who lived in Middlemarch Road, Toftwood, died on November 29 at the age of 75. 

She spent a large portion of her life in Dereham and worked predominantly in payroll management. 

Dereham Times: Janet James, from Dereham, has died at the age of 75Janet James, from Dereham, has died at the age of 75 (Image: Submitted by family)

A 16-year-old Janet Vost first met her husband, Jack, at their local youth club in Chingford.

So impressed was Janet with Jack's disc-jockeying talents that the pair became an item and tied the knot in 1971. 

Shorting after getting married, Mr and Mrs James moved to Dereham, with Mr James working on the buses and Mrs James at Crane Fruehauf. 

However, after five or so years, the homesick couple opted to head back to London.

"Janet worked in the East End for a while and made a lot of good friends, while I carried on working on the buses," said Mr James.

"Gradually I got promoted which led to us moving around Essex quite a bit.

"Janet worked in Sudbury for a while for her sister and then started her own business where she was looking after payroll details for businesses in the London and Essex area."

Dereham Times: Janet James spent much of her life in Dereham having grown up in ChingfordJanet James spent much of her life in Dereham having grown up in Chingford (Image: Submitted by family)

Norfolk came calling again a short time later and they moved into the house left behind by Mrs James' parents in Toftwood. 

Keen to try something new, Mr James opened his own bookshop, Village Books, in Dereham High Street, while Mrs James carried on running her business from the back office. 

"We always got on very well working together," added Mr James.

"If the shop got busy, Janet would pause her work and come and help me at the front. She was always on the go and had to be doing something.

"Janet became really well known in the town because we had so many regular customers and she had this rapport with people."

After closing the shop, the couple's businesses continued from home until Mrs James became ill. 

Recalling some of the couple's happiest memories, Mr James added: "She got so much enjoyment out of driving around the north Norfolk coast. We would do that every week and stop at different resorts. 

"She could talk to people easily and made a lot of friends. She was friendly with anyone who wanted to talk to her."

Mrs James leaves behind her husband, two children and two grandchildren. 

Her funeral will take place from 12pm on Wednesday, December 21 at St Nicholas Church in Dereham.