A store's collection box for a charity which looks after some of the area's most vulnerable people has been stolen.

Dereham Meeting Point said its charity box had been taken from the Co-op supermarket in the Market Place on Saturday, January 7, alongside another group's collection box. 

Dereham Times: Dereham Meeting Point's centre off Saint Withburga LaneDereham Meeting Point's centre off Saint Withburga Lane (Image: Newsquest)

Shonette Mooney said the "really sad" theft had been reported to police with the relevant CCTV footage. 

"It is only pieces of people's shrapnel, but they fill the box up pretty regularly," said Miss Mooney. "The last time we emptied it there was about £45 inside. 

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"It is really disappointing. The Co-op and people in Dereham have always been really supportive of us.

"Perhaps it's a sign of the times, but I would think Dereham has a good enough community where people can ask for help."

Miss Mooney said Meeting Point would look at the possibility of chaining down its collection boxes in future.