Sixth formers at a Norfolk school are ‘breaking the ice’ on a new era of international exploits - by heading to Iceland.

A-level students at Fakenham Sixth Form are heading to the island in what will be the school’s first trip abroad in three years.

In pre-pandemic times, cohorts from the school made educational visits to destinations such as Berlin, Krakow and Italy.

Sally Hirst, the school’s head of geography and trip leader, said: “Although the trip was planned primarily for geographers, it soon became clear that many other students were keen to participate.

"A visit to Iceland does not just have to be for those studying geography at A-level, it can be fascinating for everyone. 

Dereham Times: Sally Hirst, head of geography at Fakenham Sixth FormSally Hirst, head of geography at Fakenham Sixth Form (Image: Supplied)

“In the past when I have taken trips I have always been proud of the way in which our students conduct themselves and I am really looking forward to taking this group of young people away.

“Education is partly about passing exams and moving students on to the next phase of their lives, but there is no denying that experiencing an excursion away with friends and peers provides students with excellent bonding experiences and enables them to begin to be independent.” 

A group of 28 students and four members of staff are going on the four-day trip later in March.

They plan to experience Icelands’s natural wonders by bathing in the Secret Lagoon, and standing on the Bridge between Continents - a 15-metre footbridge spanning a rift between the Eurasian and North American plates. 

Charlie, one of the geography students, said: “I am looking forward to translating what I learned at GCSE and am learning in A-level geography into real life.

"It will be great to see glacial and tectonic features and the processes that shape them at work.”