A Norfolk hotel and golf course that has been fundraising to help Ukrainian refugees is appealing to other firms and philanthropists to lend their support.

Barnham Broom Hotel and Golf Club has just hosted a fundraiser on behalf of Nick Hamwee, a businessman who lives in Hunworth Mill.

Mr Hamwee has raised £80,000 for child victims of the war after his own family was expelled from Russia.

He has recently been fundraising for KCK Kampa Community Centre, a Prague-based organisation that has been supporting Ukrainian children and mothers seeking refuge in Czechia.

Barnham Broom gave £3,000 towards the initiative, which delivers healthcare, dentistry, education, language skills, food, medicines, trauma therapy and playgroups. 

Dereham Times: Shaun van Looy and Dana Portass with the Barnham Broom Hotel and Golf Club cheque to help Ukrainian refugeesShaun van Looy and Dana Portass with the Barnham Broom Hotel and Golf Club cheque to help Ukrainian refugees (Image: Supplied)

Shaun Van Looy, chief operations officer for Barnham Broom, said: “We are pleased and humbled to make a donation to an extraordinary scheme, which is helping to address the refugee crisis caused by the Ukrainian war.”

Mr Van Looy said he wanted to thank the golf club’s members and co-donor Longbow Capital. 

He said: “We are appealing to other businesses and donors in our region to join in these efforts. 

"Every pound that is raised is going directly into the front line of the work, ultimately helping save children from the horrors of war.”

Darina Portass, who was born in Belarus and is the food and beverage supervisor at the hotel, said: “I have family and friends in Ukraine and Russia. 

“All of us are very much against the war. As soon as I heard about the events unfolding just over a year ago, I wanted to do something to help.

“I’ve been fundraising to take vital suppliers to the border. 

“Barnham Broom has supported me in doing collections at work, helping to fill an entire van with goods to the Ukraine border.”

Donations to the appeal can be made at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/kckreliefproject