Helping children cope with the death of a loved one is the aim of a trio of new books by a Norfolk author. 

And bereavement specialist Lorna Vyse, who lives in Swanton Morley, said she was pleased the first run of the books, titled The Story of when my Mum died, had sold out within weeks of their publication. 

Ms Vyse, who has almost 30 years’ experience in the field, said: “I’m delighted the books have been so well received and didn’t think I would be ordering a second print run so quickly. 

Dereham Times: Lorna Vyse's trio of new childhood bereavement books, called The Story of when my Mum diedLorna Vyse's trio of new childhood bereavement books, called The Story of when my Mum died (Image: Supplied)

“My passion is to make a difference to bereaved children and young people.”

Ms Vyse said that in the UK a child is left bereaved by the death of a parent every 22 minutes, “yet as a society, we don’t talk about it”. 

She said: “That’s a lot of ‘hidden grief’ and children can often be forgotten mourners.

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“There are limited real-life story books that support bereaved children, so I felt compelled to write these books that give them the information, tools and ideas to help them cope with their grief.”

The books are written from the perspectives of three children, Ellie, Ben and Alex, each of whom has to deal with the death of their mum. 

Each book is aimed at a different age group - five to eight-year-olds, eight to 12-year-olds and children aged 13 and over. 

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Ms Vyse said: “Writing the books from three different children’s perspectives was key for me because their reactions and understanding of death depended on their ages and stages of development and can be so varied. 

“We assume that children know what happens after someone dies and what to expect in the early days after a death. 

“That’s not always the case, so these books explore this.”

The books are available on