A community partnership is hoping to highlight the work done by its volunteers - and inspire others to get involved.

AboutDereham is marking Volunteers' Week, which runs from June 1 to 7, by showcasing the work done by people giving up their time to help provide an array of events and services to the town.

Helen Evans, who works for the partnership, said: “Their contribution is often unseen and visible only to those that benefit from their work, whether that be coaching youngsters in a sport or hobby, cleaning up the local area, preserving our heritage or teaching others vital skills. 

“So many activities and events would not take place and our town would be a gloomier place without the time given by so many good people.”

The partnership is also hoping to encourage people to celebrate those who go above and beyond and celebrate their efforts. 

A certificate to give to such 'unsung heroes' can be downloaded at about.dereham.org/thank-volunteers.

Anyone interested in joining the partnership can call 07903 950056.