For a primary school teacher from north Norfolk, the road to motherhood should have been a simple one. 

But that was not the reality for Kerry Lucas, who is speaking out for the first time about the impact of baby loss and fertility issues.

She said: "Ever since I was little, I have always known that I would want a family one day. 

“Sadly this hasn't been as straight forward as we thought it might be when we were younger.  

“And we have been facing infertility for a few years now.” 

Dereham Times: Kerry Lucas pictured with her husband, Ed, at Run NorwichKerry Lucas pictured with her husband, Ed, at Run Norwich (Image: Kerry Lucas)

Mrs Lucas, who is married to Ed, fell pregnant during the summer of 2022 but it ended in an early miscarriage that left her with complications. 

She then became pregnant again in 2023, but once again faced a miscarriage this time at just nine weeks. 

Mr Lucas, who works in Cawston based between Aylsham and Reepham, added: “This whole experience over the last few years has taken its toll both emotionally and physically.  

“There is a huge stigma surrounding baby loss and its long-lasting effects within society and it's something that needs to change.  

“Baby loss is common, the statistics are frightening but the lack of support and understanding is also troubling.” 

Mrs Lucas has praised the charity, TimeNorfolk, describing it as “a lifeline”, one which not only supports those affected but also helps to educate employers, professionals and supporters too. 

“Ever since sharing my story with friends and family, I have had people who I haven't spoken to in years reach out and donate and tell me about their stories relating to baby loss,” Mrs Lucas added. 

“It really is so common and yet the feelings and emotions are so complex and so misunderstood.”  

Mrs Lucas recently took part in Run Norwich – something she “truly loved every single second of” - to raise money for TimeNorfolk.

  • Visit to donate. 
  • Anyone affected by pregnancy loss at any stage, infertility, baby loss, and pregnancy choices can visit for more information.