The vibrant history and captivating landscapes of the coastal village of Stiffkey will be showcased in an upcoming exhibition.

The local history group is staging Stiffkey On The Map at the village church of St John and St Mary over the summer bank holiday weekend, August 26-28.

Colin Adlington, from the group, said: “Visit the exhibition and you will discover a unique collection of large-scale maps, showing the history of the rivers that flowed through the village, and the highways and byways that traversed the village from pre-medieval times to the middle of the 20th Century.”

Mr Adlington said Stiffkey’s history had many fascinating chapters, including its stint as home to a wartime military camp from where ‘queen bees’-  unmanned radio-controlled aircraft - were launched as target practice for anti-aircraft gunners. 

Also, the River Stiffkey used to be used to power the Stiffkey watermill which was built before 1579. This small mill ran on two pairs of stones and operated until 1881 when it was put up for auction as a warehouse. 

The exhibition will be open 10am-4pm, and admission and refreshments are free.