A team of young footballers in Dereham are sporting smart new tops thanks to a sponsorship from a local events firm. 

Vincent Theobald and Gary Yates, who are from Dereham and run Amp and Deck Events in the town, presented Dereham Saints Under 12s with the new kit at their training ground in Recreation Road, Toftwood.

Mr Theobald said: “We decided that we want to give something back to the community we love and have decided to sponsor a local youth football team. 

Dereham Times: The back of the tops, embroidered by Diane Goodwin of Stitchup-looksharpThe back of the tops, embroidered by Diane Goodwin of Stitchup-looksharp (Image: Supplied)

“As a small local business, we feel very proud to be supporting local youngsters and hope this is the first of other things we can do to help in the future.” 

It comes after Amp and Deck entered a joint sponsorship deal with another Dereham-based business, Stitchup-looksharp.

Diane Goodwin, from Stitchup-looksharp, embroidered the new tops. 

Team coaches Jo Webster and Jon Dean thanked the sponsors for their donation.

Mr Theobald added: “We will be attending future games and Jo has even offered us the chance to pick a future man of the match and present a trophy to the winner.

“We look forward to our future relationship with this talented group of young players.”