This is the moment an army pony misbehaves in front of a royal visitor. 

The Welsh mountain pony, Trooper 'Longface' Emrys Jones, was promoted from Lance Corporal to Corporal during the visit from the Princess of Wales. 

Princess Kate was touring the home of the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards (QDG) at Swanton Morley, near Dereham, for the first time since being appointed its Colonel-in-Chief by the King in August.

Dereham Times: The pony's handler was wearing gauntlets to protect from bitingThe pony's handler was wearing gauntlets to protect from biting (Image: Denise Bradley)The 10-year-old animal was caught on camera taking a cheeky bite at his handler's glove shortly before the Princess' departure. 

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He was made regimental mascot after permission was given by the late Queen in 2016 but his recent promotion is not necessarily permanent - he can be demoted if he steps out of line. 

The Regiment chose a Welsh mountain pony to keep in touch with their Welsh heritage and the tradition of the Welsh Cavalry charging into battle on horseback. 

Princess Kate tried her hand at flying a drone and even drove a seven-tonne Jackal vehicle around the grounds during her visit to the barracks.