Four years ago, youngster George Gowman-Dunn was fighting for his life. 

Born prematurely at 32 weeks, the tot arrived in the world very poorly with multiple complex needs. 

He spent the first 45 days of his life in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit and, a short time later, was diagnosed with two genetic conditions. 

But ever since, he has continued to surprise his parents with his progress and now needs help to overcome his next challenge. 

His mother, Amy Gowman-Dunn, 43, of north Norfolk, described the impact this has had on her and her family. 

Dereham Times: George Gowman-Dunn was very poorly as a newborn

She said: “Everything was so overwhelming. 

“I now value every tiny thing that he does that is new. We learnt very quickly to celebrate the small wins in his life.” 

George has two older brothers. “Having George has changed us in so many ways and made us into better parents and a stronger family,” she added. 

Dereham Times: George Gowman-Dunn

“Every day he surprises us in something that he does, and he has an amazing sparkle in his eye, and cheeky smile.” 

George, now four, has Prader Willi’s syndrome and severe scoliosis, alongside a very rare condition that specialists are still learning about. 

This means the curve in his spine has become so great that it impacts on his internal organs and movement, leaving him in constant pain. 

Dereham Times: George Gowman-Dunn in his full body cast

His mother added: “At present, George is too young for the operations needed, so has been fitted with a full body cast.” 

Weighing around 4kg – the equivalent of four bags of sugar – the cast means he is unable to fit safely into his car seat. 

Living in the Cawston area, public transport is an issue. Therefore, he now needs a specialist car seat costing more than £4,000. 

“This would allow George to get back to the life he loves,” she said. 

“We would greatly appreciate any help getting George back on the road and back doing the things that makes him smile.” 

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Dereham Times: George Gowman-Dunn