Taxi users around Breckland will soon be greeted with car stickers warning them racial discrimination, violence and other forms of abuse will not be tolerated. 

Breckland Council has joined a national campaign to stop abuse against taxi drivers called 'No Excuse for Abuse', and will soon be distributing the stickers to local taxi drivers. 

Councillor Helen Crane, Breckland’s executive member, said: "The 'No Excuse for Abuse' campaign is a crucial step in safeguarding our taxi drivers from unwarranted aggression and disrespect. 

“While most passengers are respectful, there exists a very small minority who engage in abusive behaviour, especially whilst under the influence of alcohol. 

“This behaviour is utterly unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

Dereham Times: Cllr Helen Crane from Breckland Council launches the No Excuse For AbuseCllr Helen Crane from Breckland Council launches the No Excuse For Abuse (Image: Breckland Council)

The job of a taxi driver is considered to be more challenging during the festive period because there are many more passengers in town centres and some are adversely affected by alcohol.

Ms Crane said taxi drivers deserved to be treated with respect.  

She said: "Drivers have been strongly encouraged to report any incidents of violence, verbal abuse, racial discrimination, or vehicle damage to the police. 

“It is the fundamental right of every individual to feel secure in their workplace, and our drivers deserve nothing less." 

The campaign is focused on preventing any kind of violence, verbal abuse, racial discrimination, or damage directed towards taxi drivers.

Passengers are also advised to ensure they have the means to pay their fare before travelling, and to be aware of the fare on the meter and make the driver aware if it is approaching the limit of their financial resources.

 For more information, visit the 'No Excuse for Abuse' campaign webpage at