A town council could be facing an election if enough people call for one.

Dereham Town Council announced there was a vacancy for a town councillor position, and is advertising to people that they have the chance to call for an election following a councillor's departure from the role.

If the people wish to call for an election, they must write to Breckland Council within 14 days of the notice being issued on December 11.

An election will be called if 10 people write to Breckland, who will deal with the request.

There would be a cost to holding the election, but that is unknown at this time.

Chief executive and returning officer for Breckland Council, Maxine O’Mahony, said: “ If we receive the required number of requests to hold a by-election to fill a town or parish council vacancy, the total cost of conducting the election would depend on a number of factors, including total electorate, turnout, number of polling stations, and the number of postal votes etc.

“Given the number of factors that contribute to the overall cost, and that this is currently a hypothetical scenario, we cannot currently be more specific.”

Dereham Times: Chief Executive and Returning Officer for Breckland Council, Maxine O’MahonyChief Executive and Returning Officer for Breckland Council, Maxine O’Mahony (Image: Gary Donnison Photography 2021)

If no election is called then Dereham Town Council will co-opt after the January meeting and will advertise the vacancy and invite anybody eligible and interested to come to a meeting, to say why they would like to hold the position.

The council will then vote and select their preferred candidate.

Anyone interested should follow Dereham Town Council on Facebook, where updates will be posted.

The address to request an election is:

The returning Officer

Breckland Council

Elizabeth House

Walpole Loke


NR19 1EE