Norfolk is set to be battered by gale-force winds this weekend as the cold snap comes to an end.

A sudden shift in the weather is expected after a week of sub-zero temperatures with a wet and windy forecast for this weekend.

A Met Office spokesman said: "Winds will pick up over the coming days as we see a change in the weather type from cold but comparatively settled weather to more wet and windy conditions.

"Sunday will be a particularly windy day for much of the country including Norfolk."

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Norfolk is forecast to see gusts of winds hit 51mph and a weather warning is in place for large parts of the UK.  

These gusts will be joined by much warmer temperatures with daytime highs of 12C that are set to continue into next week. 

This is in stark contrast to this week's icy conditions which saw temperatures plummet to -8C in parts of the region on Wednesday night.