A Norfolk business, which sells wax melts, room sprays and more, is undergoing a rebrand as it shifts focus to "magical-themed products". 

Hollie Ikins started Poppys Norfolk in January 2021 from a studio in her garden in Dereham.

She first started making wax melts with her daughter Poppy as a hobby during the first lockdown. 

Over the last three years, she has amassed thousands of online orders and secured stockists such as Jarrolds, Roys and The Range.

Dereham Times: Holly Ikins is rebranding Poppys Norfolk as The Magic Fragrance Co.Holly Ikins is rebranding Poppys Norfolk as The Magic Fragrance Co. (Image: Supplied)

Despite this success, Mrs Ikins is rebranding the business as The Magic Fragrance Co., with the new website launching on March 1.

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This is because her main supplier of fragrance oils has stopped taking orders and she has been unable to replicate the scents in many of her products. 

Dereham Times: The logo for the rebranded businessThe logo for the rebranded business (Image: Supplied)

She said: "You have to keep moving when there are tough times as when you own a small business there is no one else there to pick up the pieces.

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Dereham Times: Magical-themed products will be on offerMagical-themed products will be on offer (Image: Supplied)

"We will be diving into the realm of magical-themed products inspired by the scents of unforgettable experiences.

"Picture yourself strolling through enchanting resorts, riding thrilling attractions and indulging in delightful snacks - all captured in the form of captivating fragrances."

Follow @magicfragranceco on Instagram for updates, with a closing-down sale running now at poppysnorfolk.com