The Met Office has warned that snow could fall in Norfolk this week as cold air from the Arctic hits the region.

A cold weather front has arrived in Scotland and as it moves south it will bring wintry showers with it.

The current bout of mild weather is set to disappear as temperatures plummet to 1C on Thursday.

Jonathan Vautrey from the Met Office said: "Regarding local details for Norfolk, there is some uncertainty with respect to the rain and snow boundary on the system moving northwards during Thursday."

A yellow weather warning for snow is currently in place on Thursday and Friday and stretches from the north of England to Peterborough.

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Despite the warning not affecting Norfolk, the Met Office has said the county could still see some snowfall with the King's Lynn area having the highest chance of getting wintry showers.

Further warnings for ice could also be issued later in the week as temperatures drop below average for this time of year, the forecaster said.

Mr Vautrey added: "With mild air quickly following behind the system, it may only be a brief spell of wintry weather for Norfolk before it starts falling as rain again."