A life-saving defibrillator has been installed at Yaxham Church of England Primary, accessible to the Clint Green community.

The equipment sits on an exterior school wall, and people who call the ambulance service with a suspected cardiac arrest will be directed to the defibrillator and given a code to open the cabinet. 

Jennie Müller, head teacher of Yaxham Church of England Primary, said: “In July 2023 the Department for Education committed to ensuring that all state schools had access to a defibrillator, providing lifesaving treatment where needed for pupils, staff and families.

"Our parish council having heard of the campaign, offered to support us and arranged the installation of the cabinet which they provided.

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"It will be a huge reassurance to the local community to have access to this equipment on the doorstep accessible at any time, day or night."

Cllr Gary Davidson of Yaxham Parish Council said: "Yaxham Parish Council are pleased to work in partnership with Power-Medix, local electricians, who did the electrical work free of charge as a good will gesture to the community."