The headquarters of the region's mental health trust is one of five sites in Norfolk and Waveney which could be sold off by the NHS to make way for housing.

More than 30 acres of Hellesdon Hospital, home to the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, has been earmarked for property development in a list of "surplus" land owned by the NHS.

The listing relates to the "upper" part of the site closest to Drayton High Road, with the trust in the process of a £50m revamp project that will see new buildings occupy different parts of the site.

It is one of five sites in the region that has been included in the document, which is updated every three months.

The Hellesdon site is the largest of the five sites included, with the 32 acres made available estimated to be able to provide 350 homes if it is developed.

It is also one of three sites listed by NSFT in the document, with Meridian House and Copperfield House in Lowestoft also included.

Meridian House, which was recently victim to an arson attack, has appeared on the list since 2017, while Copperfield House is currently vacant.

Meanwhile, Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust (NCH&C) has parts of two sites still on the list - six acres of land at Dereham Hospital and five acres at Kelling Hospital.

An NSFT spokesman said: "We regularly review our estates to make sure our buildings are safe, accessible and provide an appropriate environment in which to receive and deliver care.

"Any which are identified as having potential to be surplus to requirement can then be sold, with the money reinvested into maintaining or upgrading our remaining estate.

"No property is closed without detailed planning from our estate's team and full consultation of staff."

An NCH&C spokesman added: "Our position has not changed since our last annual declaration.

"While there is significant spare land surrounding our hospitals at Kelling and Dereham, no decisions have been made about what the spare land will be used for or if it will be sold."