Norfolk MP George Freeman said he was not expecting his comments over struggling to repay his rising mortgage to become a national debate.

Last month, the Mid Norfolk MP said he stood down as a science minister partly because he could not afford rising mortgage payments on his salary of almost £120,000.

The remarks have received backlash online and were even mocked by Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, who highlighted his claim in the Commons.

Dereham Times: Sir Keir StarmerSir Keir Starmer

Speaking during a constituency visit on February 23, he said: “I wasn't expecting my comments to be picked up and I was not in any way suggesting that I was in a special position or needed sympathy.

“The truth is that whether you're a low, medium or high earner if your mortgage goes up 350pc you've got a problem.

“I'm fine because I can earn more money, but most of my constituents can't, and gratifyingly as I work around the constituency, I think people understand that.”

Mr Freeman, who has been the Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk since 2010, addressed his resignation in a Substack blog post.