The days are gradually getting brighter and longer as we transition into spring this month.

But what does this time of year mean to astronomers?

From the Spring Triangle to the Worm Moon, here is a round-up of the best things to see in the sky in March.

The Moon

Phases for March are as follows: 

Last quarter - March 3

New Moon - March 11

First quarter - March 17

Full Moon - March 25

March's Full Moon is usually called the Worm Moon.

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The name comes from the earthworms that usually start to emerge from the soil as the weather warms up each spring.

The Pluto Crater will likely be visible around March 18, so look out for the smooth, dark floor within an even and circular crater ring.

The planets

Mercury is usually one of the hardest planets to see because of its close distance to the sun - but this month it will reach its greatest elongation, making it easier to glimpse.

The best time to spot it will be March 24 when it should even be visible to the naked eye.

The stars

The Spring Triangle can be spotted this month.

The triangle is made up of three particularly bright stars from three different constellations.

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Arcturus in the constellation of Boötes, Spica in Virgo, and Denebola in Leo can be spotted in the southern sky.

They should all be bright enough to shine through light pollution in some areas.

Those with strong binoculars or telescopes could also try to spot the Pinwheel Galaxy.

The Pinwheel is 21 million lightyears away from earth and is made up of 1 trillion stars.

From our planet, it may only appear as a patch of light.