A climate activist who has cost taxpayers tens of millions of pounds by bringing a string of legal challenges to upgrade works on the A47 is coming under pressure to abandon his latest case.

George Freeman and Jerome Mayhew, both MPs for affected constituencies, have urged Dr Andrew Boswell to abandon his legal fight and reimburse the public for the cost of his campaign.

The former Green councillor's has already seen his crowd-funded case thrown out by judges at the High Court and the Court of Appeal, who told him that it has "no logical basis" and "an air of complete unreality".
Dereham Times: The Thickthorn roundaboutThe Thickthorn roundabout (Image: Mike Page)

But despite these humiliating setbacks, Dr Boswell - whose crowdfunding for his legal battle has brought in almost £70,000 - is trying to get the case heard again and has instructed solicitors to apply for appeal to the Supreme Court.

He argues the cumulative impact of the upgrade schemes -  dualling between Blofield and North Burlingham, Easton to North Tuddenham and the Thickthorn roundabout revamp - has not been properly considered.

The delays caused by his unsuccessful legal challenges have delayed the projects by 20 months and added tens of millions of pounds to their cost, as a result of inflation.Dereham Times: Mid Norfolk MP George FreemanMid Norfolk MP George Freeman (Image: Richard Townshend Photography)

Mr Freeman, MP for Mid Norfolk, said: “This has dragged on too long. All of us who use the A47 are paying the price for Mr Boswell's need to make a point.

"On behalf of the people of Mid Norfolk and all of us who have campaigned for years for dualling this road, I urge him to drop it.

"There is nothing 'green' about congestion, pollution, accidents and flooding on the old A47. It needs dualling."

Dereham Times: Broadland MP Jerome MayhewBroadland MP Jerome Mayhew (Image: UK Parliament)

Mr Mayhew said: "Judges have already told him that his claim has an 'air of complete unreality' and has 'no logical basis'.

"Perhaps this is why Dr Boswell has not used his own money to fund his claim, yet he’s prepared to put tens of millions onto the final bill for the road and cause immense frustration for commuters.

"I would like to see Dr Boswell, or his Green Party supporters, commit to reimbursing the taxpayer for the increased costs if his claim is thrown out yet again. Perhaps he would think twice if he felt responsible for the money he is wasting."

Dr Boswell is not available for comment, but his solicitors have said the cumulative impact of climate impact is a crucial issue.

Dereham Times: The A47 between Blofield and North BurlinghamThe A47 between Blofield and North Burlingham (Image: National Highways)

Matthew McFeeley, solicitor at Richard Buxton Solicitors. said: "This has broad implications for infrastructure projects and their compatibility with the government’s climate commitments.

"This is an issue of wide public importance and we are therefore asking the Supreme Court to weigh in."