Residents are hoping the only way is up for a neglected set of steps in Dereham. 

Breckland councillors Harry Clarke and Ray O`Callaghan, of Withburga ward, have met with residents to listen to their concerns and suggestions about the steps that give access to and from South Green Gardens at the adjoining Moorgate rugby club and allotment public path.

The meeting followed residents complaining and signing a petition about the state of the steps. 

It heard the stairs would benefit from an additional handrail, rather than just the one at present, and that on one side the concrete base did not seem well supported.

There was also a need for paving or tarmac at the foot of the steps, where there is now only earth.

Dereham Times: The state of the steps near South Green Gardens in Dereham has concerned some residents.The state of the steps near South Green Gardens in Dereham has concerned some residents. (Image: Supplied)

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In a statement cllrs Clarke and O`Callaghan said: "It was clear the opinion of residents today was evenly divided. Some wanted the steps improved, whilst others wanted the access blocked off - but not before an alternative route was available.

"All agreed that doing nothing was not an option," they added. 

Some residents raised issues of parking, and spoke about anti-social behaviour and potential   suspected criminal activity, and suspected drug issues and need for both better lighting and surveillance. 

Cllr Clarke advised that it was not a public right of way currently - but the area did fall within Breckland Council's "ownership" from documents he had seen.

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Cllr O`Callaghan said: "I often use this route, and it's clear there is a need for better lighting in the area anyway, as well as helping reduce anti-social behaviour."

Cllr Clarke said both councillors had been in touch with council officers, and would also stress the need for a flat surface route nearby to be developed - partly used already by residents with motability vehicles and other issues. 

Both councillors thanked residents for coming along - and would keep residents updated.