A donation from the King has safeguarded a life-saving emergency medical charity's operations.

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS), gave their heartfelt thanks to the King for his supportive contribution from The Privy Purse Charitable Trust.

The donation significantly aids NARS' mission to offer vital assistance to the region during times of distress.

Since NARS' inception in 1970, a committed band of volunteer medical professionals spanning doctors, nurses, critical care paramedics and first responders have risen to answer around 1,600 calls per year.

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Steve Maddams from the senior leadership team at NARS, said: "We are immensely grateful to His Majesty the King for his donation to NARS.

"His Majesty's support enables us to continue our vital work of delivering medical care to those facing emergencies and traumatic incidents throughout Norfolk."

NARS' critical contribution to the community spans beyond their immediate emergency response.

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Their services have an indelible, positive impact on the region, mitigating the potential consequences of medical emergencies and accidents upon individuals and families alike.

It is organisations such as NARS which prove pivotal during crises with their expertise and genuine care for the community's well-being.

This generous act of support from His Majesty the King punctuates the essential nature of backing such care-oriented organisations.

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NARS, armed with this funding, has reasserted their commitment to serving Norfolk's residents diligently and effectively in their time of need.

As the team at NARS expressed, the King's donation is a boon to their commitment to saving lives.

Anyone interested in learning more about Norfolk Accident Rescue Service and their mission can do so by visiting their website at www.nars.org.uk.