A man who was dubbed the 'Weasenham whinger' after his constant sniping led an entire parish council to resign has said he will not be silenced by a new 'vexatious complaints' policy.

David Fairchild earned the nickname after taking on the council in his village of Weasenham, near Fakenham, over issues with their accounts and lodging dozens of objections.

The 72-year-old says his persistent campaign has now led the parish council to introduce a 'vexatious complaints' policy in an effort to censor him.

The authority has already taken steps against him under the new measures, declaring him "vexatious" over his "incessant communications" and diverting his emails to councillors to their junk folders.

Dereham Times: David Fairchild, known as the 'Weasenham whinger'David Fairchild, known as the 'Weasenham whinger' (Image: Denise Bradley)

The new procedure allows the council to limit communication with any parishioner it considers to use abusive language, send too many emails or voicemails, or question the integrity of councillors or the clerk. 

Mr Fairchild said: "It is four pages of trollop. This is solely geared against me because I am still in contact with them. 

"It's a shield to protect them from criticism. They don't like it. This policy is going to be weaponised against me."

Mr Fairchild, a former army paymaster, was a councillor himself before stepping down over a disagreement.

He has since continued to scrutinise the handling of the council's accounts, tax payments and its management. 

The entire parish council resigned in 2022 after dozens of his complaints were upheld, forcing Breckland Council to parachute in three new members.

The trio have now introduced the new measures to protect themselves from "unacceptable behaviour" by complainants.

This includes correspondence which features "personal attacks", seeks "unrealistic outcomes" or makes "frequent requests for information".

When these guidelines are judged as being breached, the parish council can decide to limit communication with the complainant.

Mr Fairchild is understood to be the first and only person to have this sanction imposed.

He added: "I'm getting old, I'm past it now. But I'm not going to let this deter me."

Dereham Times: Weasenham, near FakenhamWeasenham, near Fakenham (Image: Denise Bradley)


Mr Fairchild's persistent gripes - and his nickname - were first highlighted by this newspaper last year. The coverage saw him and his complaints featured in the national newspapers, with interviews in the Times and Daily Mail.

Over the years, he has paid particular attention to the council's accounts, but his recent criticisms have focussed on the clerk, Gail Robinson. 

He has accused her of delegating jobs to councillors, such as writing reports and uploading these onto the council website, which he believes she should have done herself.

He has also been at loggerheads with the chairman, Martin Romanovsky, who he accused of running a "dictatorial leadership".

Weasenham Parish Council has denied these claims. 

Mr Fairchild was previously vindicated by an auditor in 2022 after 27 of some 31 of his objections were upheld.

The matters included incorrect invoicing, payments being made without supporting documentation and decisions being approved by round-robin emails rather than in formal meetings.

"They class it as abusive if I say they can't do their jobs," he said.

Mr Fairchild recently applied to become a member of the council but was told that his "interpersonal skills" were a cause for concern.

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Dereham Times: Mr Fairchild with his dog PrinzMr Fairchild with his dog Prinz (Image: Denise Bradley)


Weasenham Parish Council's 'vexatious complaints' policy was agreed for implementation at a meeting on March 19, which Mr Fairchild attended.

It reads: "We welcome feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism from all parishioners, but not if it is written in a style which most people would find offensive, abusive, insulting or threatening.

"We will not tolerate any behaviour, written or otherwise, that causes undue stress for the councillors or the clerk and presents a threat to their mental wellbeing.

"Where the behaviour is so extreme, or it threatens the immediate safety and welfare of councillors or the clerk, the parish council will consider other options, for example reporting the matter to the police or taking legal action."

Mr Fairchild has been issued with a ruling from the council that he is "now deemed vexatious".

As a result, his emails will be sent directly to to councillor's junk folders and his ability to communicate with the council will be limited. 


Weasenham Parish Council stressed that Mr Fairchild is still allowed to attend meetings and may submit requests via a dedicated email address providing they are of "benefit and value". 

A spokesman said: "We have three people trying to do the work of seven. The councillors give many hours of their own time every week in an attempt to improve the lot of parishioners.

"This is made more difficult by having less than half the number of councillors that we should have and, even more so, by having to spend so much time responding to Mr Fairchild's incessant communications.

"The councillors are very happy to accept constructive criticism - they are on a steep learning curve. This policy was drafted in order to deal with Mr Fairchild's behaviour and to prevent him from freely and directly contacting and insulting the clerk."