Avid train lovers and modellers will be chuffed to know that the Wensum Valley Miniature Railway reopens on Sunday for another season. 

The North Norfolk Model Engineering Club will welcome visitors to the site near North Elmham, near Dereham, to enjoy a few trips around the 1,200 ft track on May 12.

For those hopping along for the ride, there is also the model museum, where works and engines of members will be displayed, as well as the County School Station's tea room.

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Although preparations have been going well, it has not been without its challenges.

Gordon Ford, chairman of the North Norfolk Model Engineering Club, noted that the weather has been a force to contend with, "but we are expecting excellent weather this weekend".

Weather aside, the history of the track has also experienced its own turbulence.

Dereham Times: Steam testing on Douglas, the Welsh narrow gauge engineSteam testing on Douglas, the Welsh narrow gauge engine (Image: Gordon Ford)
In 2019, it relocated from Holt to its current location due to planning developments. Fortunately, the new land has allowed for the 3.5 inch and 5 inch track to almost double in size.

Mr Ford said, "The club feels very fortunate to have a new home here. Our colleagues and 
volunteers have all been very welcoming and we look forward to making new 
friendships, working together and supporting each other into the future."

The project is widely enjoyed by many modellers, including Mr Ford, who added: "This work needs lots of people, and I love being able to help bring all their skills together."

Young people are also taking a greater interest in the opportunity to build their own models, which is offered by the track.

"I'm a former teacher so I know how important it is for younger generations to have a place to express their hobbies outside the classroom," Mr Ford added.

Running dates for this season include Sunday, May 26 as well as June 2, and July 21 and 28 and all Sundays in August.