"It's coming home, football's coming home - to Dereham!"

Football fans will be flocking again to a pub in the market town after it put up a giant stand to show Euro 2024 matches

With the tournament starting tonight the Railway Tavern has once more been turned into a mecca for England supporters.

It is currently the largest version in the pub's history, with a capacity to seat 200 people comfortably and beating its previous version by a quarter.

The stand will comfortably hold 200 football fans, bringing the overall capacity of the pub to 500 people.The stand will comfortably hold 200 football fans, bringing the overall capacity of the pub to 500 people. (Image: Sonya Duncan)
Paul Sandford, owner of the pub, expects the pub to reach a capacity of 500 people with the new addition.

"We haven't been able to have the stand up since 2018, due to the pandemic, so it'll be so nice to have our Dereham one back together again," said Mr Sandford.

Visitors to the stand will also notice its fresh coat of paint. Eighteen-year-old Jade Eames is one of the artists whose work can be seen on one side of the stand.

Jay Daymond, the other artist, graffitied the back of the stand in the colours of this year's championship. 

Flashback to 2018's Men's World Cup at the Tavern.Flashback to 2018's Men's World Cup at the Tavern. (Image: Scott Hitchman)
Mr Sandford said: "It hasn't been to everyone's liking but we thought it would be best to have something neutral, so everyone can join in, no matter who you're supporting."

In preparation for Sunday's kickoff, the Tavern will be hosting a launch party tonight which will be followed by a viewing of the opening game of the tournament between Germany and Scotland.

Mr Sandford said: "We've put a DJ booth on the roof for the party, which will be good fun."

Leon Mallett, whose song 'East Anglian Boy' went viral, will also be performing. "He's written a song for us especially for the championships," said Mr Sandford.

"None of this would have been possible without the team here, and also a masive thank you to Spartek who have sponsored the stand."