A person has had their car seized by police after they were found to be driving without a licence. 

The driver was spotted by an officer from the Local Safer Neighbourhood Team in Shipdham last week.

After the person was discovered driving without a licence they were reported for the relevant offences and the black BMW was seized. 

The driver didn't have a licence (Image: Breckland Police)

Breckland Police posted about the offence on X with the caption: "You have no docs then we will take it off you!"

The penalty for drivers found guilty of driving without a licence varies depending on the circumstances of the offence. 

If someone is caught behind the wheel not having passed a driving test, they could be given between three to six penalty points on a future licence, a maximum fine of £1,000 and possibly a ban from driving. 

After having a vehicle seized, police will issue a seizure notice and 14 days will be given to go to the listed police station. After 14 days, the vehicle will be disposed of.