A dazzling "once in a lifetime" photo has captured a lightning strike through a double rainbow.

With the July weather off to a wet and wild start, thunderstorms crept over much of Norfolk on Sunday afternoon.

The storms created the perfect recipe for the extremely rare phenomenon called lightning rainbows.

A spokesman for the Climate Adaption Centre said: "Getting a photo of lightning and rainbows together when it happens is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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"Conditions have to be perfect for them to happen simultaneously."

Captured by Evie Mae Parkinson over the skies of Dereham, the photo captures the lightning striking over an also rare double rainbow.

Meteorologist Dan Holley said the sight is due to "the sun shining on the falling rain to create a rainbow as the sunlight gets refracted and reflected by water droplets.

"The viewer would need to be located between the thunderstorm and the sun, with their back to the sun."