Agricultural land near a Norfolk town has been earmarked to become a dog walking and exercise field after an application was submitted to Breckland Council.

The applicant, Brenda Waterson, hopes to repurpose land off Fen Road in Scarning on the outskirts of Dereham into a "secure grassland space" for the community to walk their dogs and exercise.

An off-road parking area with a gated concrete entrance is also included in Mrs Waterson's development plans.

The car parking area will be set on 0.03 acres of land, which will facilitate two cars, and will be accessed directly off Fen Road.

Cruso & Wilkin, the agent acting on behalf of Mrs Waterson, stipulated in the application that use of the land will be operated through an online booking system on a pay-per-use basis.

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The plans include fencing, as well as a proposed entrance and parkingThe plans include fencing, as well as a proposed entrance and parking. (Image: Cruso & Wilkin)
Visitors who want to use the site will be able to reserve 45-minute slots through an online booking system "with a 15-minute buffer time". 

The buffer time will allow an adequate changeover period for the next user. 

If approved and operation begins, the site will be open from 7.30am to 6pm in the summer, and 8am and 4pm in the winter.

In the report, the estate and letting agent said: "There will be a further 6-foot fence around the perimeter of the carparking area, which will surround the carpark and the exercise field.

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"This is to provide users with the security and assurance that their dogs cannot escape from the field into the surrounding area.

"Since the aftermath of Covid-19, the demand to train and exercise dogs in the countryside has increased, with this being present in the countryside area near Dereham.

"The site will provide a service for the growing demand to exercise dogs in a secure area at times to suit the dog owners.

A decision on the application is expected by the end of August.