'A truly affordable home': Teeny tiny abode sold for glamping

Tiny home made by Dan Turner in Letheringsett Norfolk

Are 'tiny homes' a growing trend? This one called The Fox was made from scratch for glamping use. - Credit: Supplied

Another carpenter has made a 'tiny home' in Norfolk - selling it for holiday use on a campsite.

Dan Turner, maker of tiny homes Norfolk

Carpenter Dan Turner, from Letheringsett, near Holt - Credit: Supplied

Dan Turner, 44, from Letheringsett, near Holt, has just finished 'The Fox', his first 'tiny house.'

It comes after this newspaper reported on Alan Powley, from Diss, who made a mobile home with a difference - with its own electricity and water supply and available to buy for £95,000.

Alan Powley tiny home Norfolk

Alan Powley and his 'tiny home' which he built near Diss - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Mr Turner, also a craftsman, built his own version - selling it for use at the Hawthorns glamping site in Foxley, near Dereham.

Tiny home Norfolk

Inside the tiny home - Credit: Supplied

Mr Turner said he also loves making things, starting out doing carnival floats and then was commissioned by the same glamping site to make them a 'mud kitchen' for children to play on. After he did that, he was asked if he could build a 'tiny home' and last October started his first one.

Covid caused delays but he has just finished it, calling it The Fox and it's currently at the glamping site ready for holiday bookings. Inside it has a boiler for hot water and a flushing toilet as well as a kitchen with a gas oven, fan, microwave and fridge-freezer as well as a sleeping 'loft' with a king-size bed. 

Tiny home Norfolk

The finished tiny home - Credit: Supplied

Mr Turner said: "The pallet wood feature walls took a lot of preparation but I really think they look great and make the tiny house feel cosy inside.

"It has been a labour of love but seeing something I designed on paper, which now stands ready to welcome its guests, is a wonderful feeling for me."

Tiny home Norfolk

The first stage of building a tiny home; making a timber structure - Credit: Supplied

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Mr Turner created the structure using a timber frame clad in a waterproof membrane also using new and rustic corrugated tin for its exterior and double glazed windows.

Tiny home Norfolk

The basic shell of a tiny home coming together - Credit: Supplied

Tiny home Norfolk

The basic structure is covered over with a waterproof membrane - Credit: Supplied

Tiny home Letheringsett, Norfolk

Making a tiny home: The wooden structure is covered in a waterproof membrane. - Credit: Supplied

It needs to be plugged in for electricity and a water supply

Tiny home Norfolk

Inside the tiny home - Credit: Supplied

Tiny home Norfolk

Inside with the stairs leading to the 'loft' bedroom above - Credit: Supplied

"I believe that tiny houses are a growing trend in this country and are a truly 'affordable' way of owning your own home. They could also help prepare young people in saving for their first real home, whilst at the same time, learning how to economise, pay utility bills and live within their means, ready for their journey on to the property ladder."