Councillor calls for warning signs on Dereham’s narrow roads

Lorry on Wellington Street. Photo: Megan Smith

Lorry on Wellington Street. Photo: Megan Smith - Credit: Archant

A well-known councillor is calling for clear warning signs to be placed in Dereham as lorries continue to get stuck on narrow roads.

A lorry knocked a street sign on the corner of St Nicholas Street. Photo: Jessica Frank-Keyes

A lorry knocked a street sign on the corner of St Nicholas Street. Photo: Jessica Frank-Keyes - Credit: Archant

Breckland councillor Harry Clarke said a number of frustrated residents living on St Nicholas Street and Wellington Road, in the centre of Dereham, have come forward to complain about the lack of action being taken over large HGVs that become stuck on the narrow roads.

When the drivers attempt to manoeuvre their way out of the situation they have also been known to cause property damage and on at least one occasion have taken a chunk out of a building.

Mr Clarke is now calling on the county council to consider implementing clear warning signs which inform drivers that the road is unsuitable for HGVs.

'Can we just have a sign saying 'Unsuitable for HGVs' at the entrance to this street for starters - it doesn't need a legal order,' said Mr Clarke.

Photo: Sara Lane

Photo: Sara Lane - Credit: Archant

'Placing an official width restriction will probably involve a legal order but putting a blue sign up would not and could be done tomorrow.

'It would need to go at the junction of Theatre Street and Cemetery Road. It is not complicated and not expensive, just a matter of priorities.'

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He added that some residents have 'pleaded for action.'

In December, residents living on Wellington Road reported that two lorries had struck a house within 24 hours, knocking out a section of brickwork as they turned out of St Nicholas Street.

One of the vehicles was also seen hitting a road sign as it reversed to get around the tight corner, and caused damage to the pavement.

On both occasions the drivers failed to stop.

Residents have expressed fears over the incidents, which they said happen frequently, and called for restrictions on traffic to be introduced.

Sarah Lane, 40, who lives on the road, said at the time: 'It is just too tight to come around here and do this. There's no leverage to the left or the right of that corner.

'The road needs height and width restrictions to be enforced, or to be made a one way street.'

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