A police officer was bitten on the forearm by a drunken 28-year-old woman she was arresting in west Norfolk.

Chloe Roberts, whose teeth broke the skin of PC Maddison Cage, was fined £50 for the offence and ordered to pay £100 compensation.

Roberts also received a blow to the face from the officer as a result of the bite.

It happened in Norfolk Street, King's Lynn, on July 22, magistrates were told on Thursday, September 1.

Roberts was causing a nuisance and CCTV operators directed officers to the defendant.

She was encouraged to leave the area but continued her bad behaviour and was warned.

Roberts was pulling away from PC Cage and bit down on her arm.

Prosecutor Lily Orr said: “The defendant was increasing pressure so much that PC Cage had to strike the defendant to the face to get her to release her teeth from the forearm.”

Miss Orr said: “In interview, the defendant showed no remorse and she felt her injuries were far worse.”

Roberts, of Willow Road, Scarning, pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Roberts suffered from a number of mental health conditions, said solicitor Alison Muir in mitigation, which had not been helped by these matters coming to court.

“That’s why she acted and over-reacted as she did,” added Miss Muir. “It is a serious offence and she realises that. She is sorry, although she wasn’t at the time.”

Roberts was also ordered to pay £20 victim surcharge.

There was no separate penalty for the drunk and disorderly offence.