Scammers are posing as the Ministry of Justice while targeting Norfolk people in a phone scam currently operating in the county.

The scam, reported this week, saw a target being called and told they were under investigation for not paying car tax.

They were told their case was "due to be heard in court today".

The caller then said the person would be put on hold before being "transferred live to the court case" unless they settled the case immediately.

The cold caller then attempted to get them to pay fees to settle the case, along with a number of other costs including court and barrister fees.

Scammers had managed to spoof an actual number used by the Ministry of Justice to make the call, meaning the caller showed up as the Ministry of Justice on the victim's phone display.

Norfolk Trading Standards advice is to be very wary of claims made during telephone cold calls, adding that these type of calls are never genuine.

The regulator told people not to interact with the call and hang up immediately if targeted.

Those who receive the call are urged to contact the Citizens' Advice consumer helpline, on 0808 223 1133.