Norfolk scammers have been telling struggling families they can get a £400 discount off their energy bills.

Trading Standards has received reports from those who have been targeted, saying they have received texts purporting to be from the government and energy regulator Ofcom.

The messages tell victims to click a link in order to apply for the discount, which once clicked attempts to steal personal information.

Norfolk Trading Standards says these criminals are experts at creating spoof messages that then link to fake websites using official logos and branding of trusted organisations to trick their targets into taking urgent action without closer inspection.

Those who are eligible for the real discount have been reminded the Government support payments which are being made available will be automatically applied to energy accounts and do not need to be applied for.

Those who have fallen for a scam message should contact their bank immediately on a number they know to be correct, such as the one on the back of their bank card.

Messages can be reported via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.