Scammers have been calling unsuspecting people and claiming to be police officers in a string of incidents across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Throughout the past week, victims have received phone calls from a man claiming to be a detective.

In the fraudulent calls, an example of courier fraud, the scammers request victims to withdraw money to help with an investigation.

Courier fraud happens when a fraudster contacts a victim by phone and claims to be a police officer, from a bank or government department, or an official from other agencies.

A range of techniques are used to convince the victim to hand over bank details or cash which may then be passed on to a courier.

Fraudsters have been known to keep the line open and play ringtones, hold music and recorded messages down the phone so the victim believes they are speaking to a legitimate number.

People have been reminded that banks and the police will never ask someone to withdraw money or buy items.

If someone claims to be a police officer, people should ask for their identification number and police force.

If people believe they have given out information that would compromise bank account security, they should call their bank to cancel cards as soon as possible.

If anyone has received a similar type of telephone call or has any information about these incidents, they have been urged to contact Norfolk Constabulary on 101 quoting ‘Operation Radium’.

Alternatively, people can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.