The man who exposed Jimmy Savile as a paedophile has revealed that he is working on another case involving an “untouchable” high-profile living sex offender.

Mark Williams-Thomas, group-wide investigations editor at Newsquest, is best-known for uncovering the horrific crimes of Savile in the ITV documentary, The Other Side of Jimmy Savile.

As a result of the documentary, police launched Operation Yewtree, a widespread investigation into Savile’s crimes.

Savile escaped justice having died aged 84 in 2011 however former police detective Williams-Thomas has revealed his concern that the same will happen again.

Speaking to inews, he said: "There are still people out there who are untouchable.

"There is one very significant person who I’ve done everything to try and get prosecuted because he is clearly a child sex offender.

“To date the CPS won’t prosecute. The police and I have tried really hard to get there.

"He will die in due course and then the floodgates will open in the same way they did with Savile. That’s not right. But justice takes many different forms."

He added: "The truth is no broadcaster would have done a programme about Savile when he was alive.

"We live in a society where there are some people you can’t take on and that’s really sad."

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