Dereham mum sheds five stone while pregnant

Emma KnightsWhile many mums-to-be make the most of eating for two when they are expecting a baby, one Norfolk woman bucked the trend as she carried on being a champion slimmer throughout her pregnancy.Emma Knights

While many mums-to-be make the most of eating for two when they are expecting a baby, one Norfolk woman bucked the trend as she carried on being a champion slimmer throughout her pregnancy.

In just over a year Hollie Dack, 24, shed five stone and nine-and-a-half pounds despite being pregnant with her son Kaleb for much of that time.

After Mrs Dack and her husband Karl had unsuccessfully been trying for a baby for two years, she decided to try and lose weight in the hope it would help them conceive.

In January 2009, when she was a size 18 to 20 and weighed 15 stone and eight-and-a-half pounds, Mrs Dack joined Slimming World in Dereham.

Within 19 weeks she had lost two stone and 11 pounds - and in May she was delighted to discover she was pregnant.

'I went to the midwife to see if it was alright for me to continue with Slimming World and she said it was ok. I had done so well already and I just wanted to be healthier for when my baby was born. The more weight that I lost the healthier I felt - and it got me into a good eating routine.'

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Mrs Dack, who lost a further 11 pounds while she was expecting her son, said she followed the normal Slimming World eating plan while pregnant but was not as strict as before.

'I did not really have any cravings but if I fancied a bit of extra chocolate or something I would have it,' she said.

After a trouble-free pregnancy Mrs Dack's son Kaleb, now 11 weeks old, was born in January this year weighing 8lb and 1oz.

And just three weeks after giving birth Mrs Dack, a nursery nurse in Dereham, was back at her Thursday night slimming group where she found she had lost a further one stone and 11-and-a-half pounds.

At her lowest weight in March she weighed nine stone 13 pounds, and she is now a trim size 12 weighing 10 stone and enjoying life as a first-time mum.

'A lot of people were amazed with how much weight I lost while I was pregnant,' said Mrs Dack, who lives in Briston, near Holt.

'Losing weight is the best thing I ever did because otherwise I may never have had my lovely son Kaleb.

'I also feel so much better in myself - I feel more confident, healthier, more energised, and just happier in myself. It is brilliant.'

Slimming World has worked in collaboration with the Royal College of Midwives to develop a policy for the best way Slimming world can support its members during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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A typical daily menu for Mrs Dack before joining Slimming World

Breakfast - none

Lunch - cheese sandwich with thick white bread, lots of butter and tomato sauce, a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar.

Dinner - ham and pineapple or meat feast deep pan pizza with chips, followed by ice cream.

Example snacks - sweets, chocolates and cakes

A typical daily menu for Mrs Dack after joining Slimming World

Breakfast - two Weetabix with skimmed milk and fruit.

Lunch - jacket potato with beans and salad, followed by yoghurt and fruit.

Dinner - bacon, egg, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and Slimming World chips.

Example snacks - Muller Light yoghurt, fruit, Slimming World quiche.

She is also allowed a daily allowance of a chocolate bar, or hot chocolate drink, or jelly, or condiments or sometimes all four.