Dereham’s Cemex factory shuts

A large manufacturing site which has been in Dereham for several decades has closed.

The Cemex factory in Yaxham Road, which made concrete building blocks, stopped its production this week, according to a Cemex UK spokesman.

They said: 'CEMEX UK can confirm that we have we ceased production of aggregate blocks at our Dereham plant this week and will be selling off our stock and formally exiting site at end of August.

'Sadly there will be a small number of redundancies as a result. However, this will not impact our customers and we will be retaining our commercial footprint in the eastern region and offering to supply them from alternative facilities.'

In its heyday the factory used to employ dozens of people and the Times believes about six people have been made redundant through the closure.

The Times reported in January that the site was sold, but at the time it was not clear who had bought the manufacturing area.

Cemex, which also produces pavers, leased back the land from the new owner.

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There were rumours in March that the factory was closing, but at the time a spokesman said there were no plans to move and the site was continuing its lease.