Dereham deputy mayor denies head-butting and punching his former partner.

Dereham deputy mayor Thomas Monument. Picture: ARCHANT.

Dereham deputy mayor Thomas Monument. Picture: ARCHANT. - Credit: Archant

The deputy mayor of a Norfolk town head-butted and punched his former partner in the head during an attack in her own home, a court has heard.

Thomas Monument, 36, deputy mayor of Dereham, has gone on trial accused of assaulting his ex-partner in an attack in her bedroom on September 11 this year.

Norwich Magistrates Court heard the attack happened when Monument came to pick up some things from the complainant's house following the end of their 18-month relationship.

Giving evidence via videolink Monument's former partner said they had split up after he had told her he did not love her and never had feelings for her.

She said she had felt 'emotionally played', 'raw', 'upset' and 'confused'.

She admitted she kept asking for answers from him but he was 'emotionless'.

The complainant, who felt degraded, devalued, said she started shouting and shoved him on the shoulder.

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It was at this point she said she was attacked.

She said: 'He head butted me in the face. It was just after I shoved him.'

The complainant, who broke down while giving evidence, said she fell to the floor.

She said: 'He picked me up off the floor and slammed me into the wardrobe.'

The court heard she was then picked up and slammed onto the bed.

She said: 'He was angry. He was shouting.

'My arms were everywhere. I was trying to get him off of me.'

While on the bed the complainant said she was punched twice in the face.

She said: 'It was hard. I felt a bit dazed.'

She then described how she grabbed the bedroom door after being dragged across the floor by her ankles by Monument.

She said: 'I actually thought he was going to pull me down the stairs.'

The complainant, who is trained in martial arts, said she never got a chance to implement any of her training during the incident.

The woman, who admits having two previous police cautions relating to aggressive episodes, called a friend about the incident.

It was the friend who called police.

During cross examination she denied shoving Monument more than once or being the aggressor.

She said: 'I never done anything other than shove Thomas.'

Monument, who is also a Dereham town councillor and Breckland district councillor for Dereham Withburga ward, pleaded not guilty to the assault.

Giving evidence, Monument said while at her address his former partner started asking him why the relationship had broken down.

He said he was 'dumbfounded' as they had gone through all this previously.

He said she was 'upset', wanted answers and then started pushing and shoving him.

He said he was shoved so hard he lost his balance and fell into the wardrobe, causing it to crack.

He told her to 'stop attacking me' but said she 'started coming at me again'.

He said he felt he was 'under attack' from his former partner who he said he grabbed hold of to stop her from hurting him.

Monument, who was visibly upset giving evidence, said he was 'absolutely terrified' and 'afraid for my life' said he was punched in the face by the complainant as he pulled her to the bed.

At one point during the incident he said she started banging her head on the wall and desk in the bedroom. He was worried she was going to hurt herself and him as well.

He thought she might push him down the stairs.

He said he dragged her feet to allow him to get to the stairs and get away.

But Monument said she banged her head on a door frame during the incident which caused a mark to her eye.

He said he did not punch, head butt or throw his former partner into a wardrobe.

He said his actions on September 11 were in self-defence.

The trial continues.