‘My baby is blue’ - Dereham swimming pool reopens after water temperature complaints

Dereham Leisure Centre - free swimming for children Pictures: Adrian JuddCopy: Emma KnightsFor:EDP©E

Dereham Leisure Centre - free swimming for children Pictures: Adrian JuddCopy: Emma KnightsFor:EDP©Eastern Daily Press 2007 - Credit: Archant

A leisure centre in Dereham has reopened its main pool after concerns the water temperature was too cold to be a 'comfortable experience'.

Dereham Leisure Centre's main swimming pool closed on at 3pm on Friday, October 5.

In a statement shared on social media on Friday, Breckland Council said: 'Unfortunately the main pool temperature has fallen so we have taken the decision to close the pool at 3pm today.

'The low temperature would not be a comfortable experience for the majority of customers.'

Centre manager Paul Bealey said: 'We had some technical problems with our plant room, which is where all the heating and filtration of the pool is managed.'

The leisure centre posted on social media: 'Please be aware that due to unforeseen circumstances we are having to cancel today's Aquazone 4a, 4b, 5, 6, 7, 8, Rookie lifeguards, and adult swimming lessons.

'All other children's lessons take place as normal.'

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The pool reopened as normal on Saturday, October 6, and apologised for the closure.

The pool closure followed a number of parents commenting on social media about the temperature in the baby pool.

Several parents said their children had been shivering.

Craig Goulding said: 'We took our one-year-old swimming at Dereham pool.

'It was pretty cold to the point my child was shivering.'

Julia Pardoe added: 'My two year old was besides herself shivering in a very short time.'

And Emma Day said: 'I took my eldest as a baby and it was so cold [they] ended up shivering.

'It's always freezing.'

Others said their children had turned blue in the cold water.

Vicky Steward said: 'After five or ten minutes the kids want to get out because they're cold and going blue round the lips.'

Hannah Farrier-Dutton added: 'We go there for lessons and have complained the last two weeks that it is too cold.

'My baby is blue. I can't keep putting my little girl in there like that. It's so cruel.'

And Kerry Olley said: 'We took our little one out of lessons there as it's always cold and she often went purple or blue.'

Mr Bealey said: 'We have a contract with Breckland Council and we have to keep the main pool heated to between 27-29 degrees and the learner pool between 30-32 degrees.'